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Live Trade Alerts

See my every trade live on your computer or mobile device. Alerts include position size, entry, take profits, stop loss, and leverage level. At the end of the week we will reflect on all our trades and see what we could’ve done better

Market Analysis (On Request)

If you have a coin that is on your trading watchlist, our top traders can provide analysis and a trading idea (if applicable) so that you can have the extra confidence to take the trade



Daily Charts

Charts are posted every day to outline key technical levels for optimal entries (longs/shorts). Learn how to recognize these key levels and opportunities yourself

Margin and Spot Signals

We recognize that every trader is different. That is why we offer signals for margin and spot trading so you can capitalize on our analysis no matter your style

Direct Access to Top Traders

You will have the contact information of our top traders so you can ask them any questions or concerns you may have

Community Chatroom (NEW!)

Join and learn from our growing community of traders in our 24/7 chatroom on Telegram. Learn from your peers and help each other achieve your goals. All alerts and commentary are posted here in real-time! 

Our Service

We chose to start this service to help educated motivated and goal driven traders to reach the next level in their trading careers, no matter if you’re a beginner or expert. This service is designed to elevate your thought process while mastering self-control, discipline, and the psychological factors behind trading. You will not only gain valuable insight by tracking every move from an experienced trader’s entries, but you will also gradually learn to trade these moves yourself.

 Please take a moment to read more about the service and how we can help you achieve your goals.

What is our style of trading?

Cryptocurrency Derivative Contracts (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, etc.)

Day Trading/Scalping – Market conditions and volatility dictate what what strategy we use, but primarily we will focus on leveraged trading to capture small price movements in different cryptocurrencies

Swing Trading – Depending on the market outlook, we will alert swing positions for our traders to capitalize on larger, higher timeframe moves


A Typical Day

Market Summary – The cryptocurrency market revolves around Bitcoin, so everyday we post our high timeframe Bitcoin chart and analysis

Live Trade Alerts – Gain valuable insight from an experienced trader’s every move with reasoning as to why these trades were taken

News Updates – Critical news updates that may affect the overall market

Trade Summary and Recap – Summarize trades and occurrences that happened during the day. Coins of interests with key levels. Current positions that are being held overnight

A Typical Week

Chart Analysis/Trade Ideas – On Sunday night we will post charts of interest with key levels marked out with possible strategies

Altcoin Lottos – High risk trades that are considered with profits from previous trades

Weekly Trade Recap – We summarize all the trades taken throughout the week with information as to why we entered/exited along with profits/losses for all trades



Who Could Benefit from this Service?

Motivated and goal driven traders who are trying to reach the next level of their trading careers

Individuals who want financial freedom and do not want to work a 9-5

Individuals who seek to learn the best trading habits that will lead to consistent success

Individuals who want to improve their technical analysis skills

Individuals who consistently battle any one of the following: poor account management, chasing, lack of technical analysis skills, and overtrading

Why Us?

We are honest, transparent, and want you to succeed

We trade when there’s an opportunity, we don’t trade just to trade

We focus on the psychological side of trading as well as the technicals

We keep things simple, yet highly informative and lucrative

We are a fast growing community of traders of varying expertise

We are continuously refining our strategies and delivering the best analysis possible

Personal experience – we are always available to reach if you have any questions or concerns

Month to month subscription – Everyone has their own plan and timeline, you can unsubscribe at any time


Recent Trades / Trade Logs

All trades (entries and exits) for the past few weeks

Sept 19 to Sept 23

Sept 16 to Sept 18

Sept 13 to Sept 15

Sept 11 to Sept 12

Sept 8 to Sept 10

Sept 5 to Sept 7


Package and feature overview.

Prophecy Signals (Alerts/Chat)
  • Monthly Membership
  • Private Telegram Channel – See Every Trade Live
  • Private Telegram Group Chat – Telegram
  • Day Trade and Swing Trade Signals
  • Weekly Charts with Analysis and Trade Ideas
  • Weekly Trade Recap

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